• The Pistol, the Birth of a Legend (Movie Only) - Digital Download

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    The true childhood story of Pete Maravich including bonus content:

    • Dr. James Dobson - Life on the Edge: Finding God's Will for Your Life—Dr. Dobson speaks about his friend, Pete Maravich, his journey Home, and his love for his Faith and The Lord.
    • The Testimony of Pete Maravich—in his own...

  • Maravich Memories - The LSU Years - Digital Download

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    The amazing documentary of Pistol Pete Maravich featuring rarely seen footage of his legendary years at LSU. Be sure to watch the bonus material at the end of the documentary. The producers of the film "The Pistol, the Birth of a Legend," discuss how the movie was made and how Pistol Pete Maravic...

  • The Pistol Deluxe Package - Digital Download

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    The ultimate inspiration for any Pete Maravich fan includes THE PISTOL, The Birth of a Legend feature film and MARAVICH MEMORIES—a full length documentary featuring rarely seen footage of The Pistol's legendary years at LSU.

    Plus, bonus content:
    • Life on the Edge: Finding God's...